Helpful Websites


Age-appropriate ideas for Science Fair projects

More age-appropriate ideas for Science Fair projects

Get the exact time of sunrise, sunset, and moon data

Cool Science for curious kids

Discovery Channel site – good ideas, all in the form of questions (e.g. Why toilet bowl water twirls clockwise?)

Educational site on the Hubble Telescope

Participatory site involving kids in monitoring the migration patterns of Monarch Butterflies

Good site for marine investigations in tidepools

Life Science activities

PBS science site

NSF-sponsored Science Club

Interesting site on stuff to do with trees

Stuff to do with turtles

The Learning Network (formerly Family Education Network) – science ideas that work from parents,3002,1-12387,00.html?ecu02163

Another PBS science experiment site

Good resource for information on animal diversity (reference)

Resource site for info on satellites, the space shuttle, constellations

Good ideas on things to do with insects

The SF Exploratorium site

How Stuff Works – background information on a wide variety of things

The New Scientist’s site for kid science explorations

NASA Kids site: fun games and some science projects

Science project that won the Westinghouse competition:

Science activities

Science experiments for kids

Science experiment links from the Hobbs Public Library

Directory of additional science project websites

and finally, here are a few sites for ordering science supplies:

Flinn Scientific

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Math Science Nucleus (in Fremont)